about us

The Lebanese Athletic Federation is dedicated to promoting and fostering the sport of athletics in Lebanon. As the governing body for the sport, we aim to provide opportunities for athletes of all ages and abilities to develop their skills, achieve their goals, and represent Lebanon at the highest levels of competition.

Run to chase your dreams, not just to burn calories.

Our Mission

Our mission at the Lebanese Athletic Federation is to promote and develop the sport of athletics in Lebanon, fostering a love for the sport and creating opportunities for athletes of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential. Through our commitment to excellence and passion for athletics, we strive to create a positive and inclusive sporting community.

Our Values

At the Lebanese Athletic Federation, we believe in providing a safe, inclusive, and fair environment for all athletes. We value hard work, dedication, and teamwork, as well as respect for all individuals, regardless of their athletic ability or background. We are committed to promoting health and wellness through the sport of athletics and to developing future champions, both on and off the field.