Kid’s Athletics Training Program with Right to Play International

Right to Play International organized a training program on kid’s athletics in cooperation with the Lebanese Athletic Federation on November 3 and 4, 2020, at Jinan university stadium in Tripoli, north Lebanon.

The Lebanese Federation commissioned Mr. Ali Sabbagh to train the participants. The session was attended by 27 coaches who participated in the Athletics project for kids by Right to Play International in Lebanon, which aims to train and qualify young men and women from all regions in Lebanon away from divisions, nationalities and affiliations, and works to empower individuals by teaching them not only sports and technical skills, but also, life skills acquired from sports, so that each coach trains and teaches a group of children on Kid’s athletics.

Participants were trained on the importance of athletics for kids, the difference between athletics for adults and kids, as well as on how to apply it technically and the refereeing process. The athletics focus on sports skills such as throwing, jumping, running and hurdles.

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